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Most all styles come with choice of single or dual clip models

Casual Series in 12 Solid colors all are 1-1/2" wide
Solid colored Holdup suspenders in single clip models sell for 26.95 $26.95

Designer Series Tasteful Patterns
a dozen Tasteful patterns in a single clip on suspender from Holdup Suspenders sell for 32.95 $32.95
Designer patterns in a dual clip suspender suitable for office and casual wear sell for 43.95 $43.95

Corporate Series 1-1/2" satin finished in 9 solid colors
Choice of X or Y back suspenders with a nice satin finish in solid colors $32.95
Dual clips and a fine satin type weave set these dressy suspenders apart from the competition $43.95

Formal Series Narrow 1" wide in 9  satin finished colors
1 inch wide satin finished clip on formaty suspenders sell fro 32.95 $32.95
Fine satin finish with a white backing and top grade leather trim on these Formal Double-Up suspenders $43.95

Jacquard Series beautiful tone-on-tone solid color patterns
Matching colors are woven tone on tone into these stylish jacquard weave suspenders in 7 color choices $32.95
Dual clip jacquard weave suspenders in 7 tone on tone color patterns $43.95

Holdup Suspenders announces the new patented suspenders and Sloops jeans and slacks

Holdup Amazon Prime web shop allows all Amazon members to get FREE standard freight when using Amazon checkout payment and Amazon warehouse delivery

Holdup Suspender's Official Amazon Web Shop is now open where All Amazon members get FREE freight.

8 Brand new Holdup Striped suspnders in single and dual clip models from 32.95

New Striped Holdup Suspenders in 8 colorful styles.. Single and dual clips models

Thin Suspenders for Teens at closeout 1/2 prices

Silk Suspenders Black or White in Double-Ups style $45

Classic Series basic colors with silver no-slip clips $21.95

Sports Series width 1-1/2" in 5 sports theme patterns $32.95

MotorCycle Suspenders and bootstrap stirrups

Holdup Leather Suspenders in Black or Brown leathers $64.95.

Hip-Clip Trucker Suspenders attaches at sides with just 2 clips.

USA made Suspenders and Mitten clips for kids of all ages

Airport Friendly Suspenders Won't trip off metal detectors and the SuperSoft UnderGarment Suspender made to wear under your shirt.

$13.95 HangUp Closet Hanger for Suspenders

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Sheet Straps and mattress suspenders that really Holdup now on sale

Finally a sheet strap and mattress suspender that works for any type or size bed. Click for details and to purchase for $21.95

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All about the innovative products made by the Holdup Suspender Company and sold online or through 2200 retail shops nationwide.

Learn all about the Holdup Suspender CompanyBrowse all the varieties of Holdup Suspenders for sale from this siteClick here to view over 2200 national retailers who sell our suspendersView your shoipping cart's contents and procees to checkoutView our new motorcycle, airport friendly, undergarment and skinny suspenders for teensContact the staff at Holdup Suspender Company Inc.

Navy Blue suspenders in over 5 seperate styles all with our patented no-slip clip text-top-center.jpg (1153 bytes) Buy Holdup mens pant suspenders here
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Holdup Suspenders come in 185 styles and colorsNew patented Double-Ups suspenders with that button-on braces look.

The #1 USA manufacturer of men's and women's clip-on suspenders

"The Suspender KINGS" ... Larry King (City Lights Double-Up) and Sal Herman (Black Leather Straps) ... show off their  Designer Double-Ups and Leather Holdups, which can be purchased here... We have USA made brown and black braided and Belt strap style leather suspender braces that sell for $64.95. See and purchase all of Larry King's Favorite Holdup Suspenders on the official Larry King Holdup Suspender page.

Larry King and the Staff of Holdup Suspender Company love wearing Leather Holdups with their jeans

DETROIT, MI – HoldUp Suspender Company says Larry King is a perfect spokesman for its product, as the 80-year-old veteran broadcaster claims to own more than 150 pairs of suspenders.

His image will be used in a variety of print and and online advertising for the Southfield-based company,Larry King wearing a pair of Designer "City Lights" pattern Double-Ups from Holdup Suspender Company. which sells the mancessory wholesale and over the web and at independent men’s stores in all 50 states.

"Wearing a pair of suspenders has long been a part of my life and style," King said in a release on his official Holdup Suspender Company endorsement page featuring some of Larry's favorite Holdups. "I look forward to partnering with the Holdup Suspender Company to bring additional awareness of their unique and innovative product lines and why suspenders should become a part of every man's wardrobe."

HoldUp Suspender Company was founded in Southfield by Sal Herman in 1996. It carries more than 250 kinds of suspenders, including ones that are traditional, fashionable, geared for maternity and work-grade heavy duty.

“Larry King is practically synonymous with suspenders, so we couldn’t be more pleased that he has agreed to endorse Holdup’s products,” Herman said in a release. “We’ve long referenced King as a suspenders icon, so to now have him officially associated with Holdup Suspender Company is both exciting and validating.”

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Holdup Suspenders Co are the Manufacturers and distributors for the patented " No slip Clip" suspenders The Founder of Holdup Suspender Company -Sal Herman(Southfield, MI notice of US patent approval- 1990) -- Creating a suspender that actually did what it was supposed to do became an obsession with Sal Herman. Only after he got a patent for a new snap-on suspender clip did he learn that his design was the first major update to this very common menswear item in more than a century. Click to see our detailed patent page.

Holdup Suspenders in the NEWS ..latest articles ...  SEE the Full reprints of articles done on Holdup Suspender Company by a local Detroit newspapers. We also are featured in several news articles in 2003 regarding our small companies rapid growth.

Did you know that thousands, perhaps even millions of men have a tangle of slightly worn suspenders tucked away somewhere because the clips won't hold? One industry source says more than three million pairs of suspenders are sold each year. Unfortunately most of these don't last long. The clips give out quickly and the wearer must bend them frequently with pliers, or consign them to a junk pile. How often do the competitive brands, used by most tuxedo rental firms, hold up to just one day's wear and tear??

"The Suspender KINGS" ... Larry King (City Lights Double-Up) and Sal Herman (Black Leather Straps) ... show off their Designer Double-Ups and Leather Holdups, which can be purchased here... We have USA made brown and black braided and Belt strap style leather suspender braces that sell for $64.95. See all of Larry King's Favorite Holdup Suspenders on the Larry King Holdup Suspender page.

Larry King ( Mr Suspenders) officially endorces Holdup Suspenders and look forward to wearing them daily on YV and his Ora TV webcasts
Larry King Endorses the Holdup Suspender Company Brand..more Larry King news here

Sal Herman and Larry King are the Suspender Kings. View the official Larry King Holdup Suspender product endorsement page for further details on this historic event..

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Paisability Red on blue and black paisley pattern in a single clip Designer series Holdup Suspender for only 29.95

Black work suspnders with 2" wide Heavy Duty USA made elastic straps and silver jumbo clips form Holdup Suspender Company
Contractor 2" HD wide work suspenders in 9 colors for $23.95... click here


Hip-Clip, or Side Clip suspenders, attach to pants, or shorts, with just 2 patented no-slip clips. We now have these Trucker Style Hip-Clip™ "under your shirt" suspenders with either Plastic Gripper Clasps or Metal no-slip clips for only $21.95. We even have them in a super-soft Maternity Holdup Style for only $21.95  (Under-Ups™ have USA Patent # 8,209,779 )

For the consumer, the No-Slip Suspender Clip means a guarantee of no more slipping, or bending clips, or worse yet, throwing away a perfectly good pair of suspenders. The patented design is based on one distinct difference - the addition of a center pin that works like a needle to lock into theIt all starts with our unique Patented suspender clip waistband without cutting or tearing the fabric. The result, Herman says, is a clip that absolutely cannot slip -slide or fly off your pants.
Our patented -no slip clip- come now on a JUMBO series suspenderFor workers, sportsmen, or the casual wearer who rely on suspenders, the No-Slip suspender eliminates the annoying problem of clips that slip constantly from the slightest twist or pressure. The No-Slip also eliminates the need to "fix" the clips by bending them with pliers. We now have the original patented "finger clip" in a heavy duty JUMBO clip line. These are for our NEW -2x4- Outdoorsman and Contactor series suspenders with 2" wide straps and extra holding power no matter the load.

Herman believes his new suspenders will grab hold of the public as well as they hold onto a pair of pants. Speaking of pants. Holdup Suspenders has introduced a trademarked designer blue jean line called Sloops™, which are specifically designed for suspender wearers. The Perfect Equation in Fashion will be Sloops™ jeans and slacks worn with our new Double-Ups button-on style suspenders. Once you try them on there's no letting go. Anyone interested in the Hold Up Suspender Co. story can contact Sal Herman, our president, at (800) 700-4515.

We now have a new patented clip used in all our suspender lines. Take a look at our traditional dual clip "button-on" looking Double-Ups™ line . The new clips feature smoother edges and more angled clip cam to prevent accidental opening when sitting down on chairs and car seats. We are the world leader in suspenders on selection, satisfaction and service. Enjoy your visit to Holdup.com and tell some friends about our company and products.

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The Holdup Suspender Story

For years, suspender wearers had to contend with clip-on suspenders that kept slipping off their pants.Check out these quality suspenders Many wearers attempted to bend the metal clips to improve the gripping power, but this quick fix seldom worked. Driven by the frustration of inefficient clips that constantly let go, Sal Herman revolutionized suspenders with the introduction of  his patented no-slip suspender clip. The clip features a single, needle sharp pin in the center of the clasp,which pierces and locks into the pant waistband, without cutting, freying or damaging the fabric. This simple solution launched a rebirth in demand for this alternative to the binding, uncomfortable, and often inability to holdup men's pant using belts. The Holdup Suspender story adds something new to the 200 year old history of men wearing suspenders.

Over the decades,suspenders maintained a hold in the full spectrum of the clothing accessoty world. First, they provided the comfort of wearing looser pants, so as not to contend with wearing a tight, restrictive belt (which did not necessarily hold up their pants anyway). Secondly, they added elegance to business andClick to enlarge this back view of the Double-Ups suspenders formal attire. Most attempts to bring them into the mainstream have failed, because traditional suspender clips did not have the gripping power to keep them in place and prevent them from slipping off the pants.

In 1996, Herman and his wife Judee began the Hold-Up Suspender Company. Using the patented no-slip clip, they designed and marketed a variety of suspenders which included styles and fabrics for work, sports, casual, dress and formal wear. In 2002, they introduced an improved new slant-faced no-slip clip. This clip minimizes the flip-open problem that occasionally occurs when sliding against the back of a seat.

The Patented dual clips in Collage patternDouble-Up style suspender, also introduced in 2002, has the traditional aesthetic look of button-on braces, with the ease of their clips to instantly attach them to your pants.  The Sloops™  line of blue jeans was added to the Holdup product lines in 2004. Sloops are a belt loop-less 5 pocket blue jean, designed to compliment and fit the physique of the typical suspender wearer ~ no hips, no rear end.

In 2007, due to many requests from their loyal customers, Herman created HANG-UPs...the suspender hanger that quickly and easily organizes and stores suspenders. The innovative trademarked and patented self-centering design of HANG-UPs suspender holder balances and displays suspenders so each one is readily spotted. All your Suspender collection are easily attached and removed from the curved brass rod. It is made in the USA of beautiful hardwood and brass. Hold-Ups complete line is available in all 50 states at over 2300 stores, on the Internet www.Holdup-Suspenders.com and www.holdup.com ... and via mail order. Phone to order at (800) 700-4515. or request a free 32-page color catalog .

No wonder patents are so hard to get. You have to submits lot's of paperwork!!

New improved suspender gripper clasp, or suspender buckle,by Holdup Suspender Company

Patented Composite plastic suspender buckle used in our No-Buzz line of suspenders that won't trigger metal detectors at airports or places like courtrooms and Federal buildings. We also use these in our exclusive Ski-Ups™ suspenders for snow sports... or in our Soft Undergarment suspender line made to be worn under your shirt.

We are the #1 source for men's suspenders on the internet and offer you Free UPS ground and USPS Priority Mail shipping to USA locations on all orders over $75 .

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Holdup Suspender Company is Providing Functional Fashion to the Suspender Industry as we expand our patented product lines....

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Holdup suspenders come in over 200 styles for men and women
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all black airport friently suspenders on sale for 21.95 text-bottom-center.jpg (1843 bytes) Glitter and thin suspenders for girls
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