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Most all styles come with choice of single or dual clip models

Casual Series in 12 Solid colors all are 1-1/2" wide
Solid colored Holdup suspenders in single clip models sell for 26.95 $26.95

Designer Series Tasteful Patterns
a dozen Tasteful patterns in a single clip on suspender from Holdup Suspenders sell for 32.95 $32.95
Designer patterns in a dual clip suspender suitable for office and casual wear sell for 43.95 $43.95

Corporate Series 1-1/2" satin finished in 9 solid colors
Choice of X or Y back suspenders with a nice satin finish in solid colors $32.95
Dual clips and a fine satin type weave set these dressy suspenders apart from the competition $43.95

Formal Series Narrow 1" wide in 9  satin finished colors
1 inch wide satin finished clip on formaty suspenders sell fro 32.95 $32.95
Fine satin finish with a white backing and top grade leather trim on these Formal Double-Up suspenders $43.95

Jacquard Series beautiful tone-on-tone solid color patterns
Matching colors are woven tone on tone into these stylish jacquard weave suspenders in 7 color choices $32.95
Dual clip jacquard weave suspenders in 7 tone on tone color patterns $43.95

All the dual clip Double-Up's Styles

Holdup Suspenders announces the new patented suspenders and Sloops jeans and slacks

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Thin Suspenders 3/4" wide in colors and patterns for Girls and Urban Teens $16 to $25

Silk Suspenders Black or White in Double-Ups style $45

Classic Series basic colors with silver no-slip clips $21.95

Sports Patterns width 1-1/2" in 5 sports theme patterns $32.95

MotorCycle Suspenders and bootstrap stirrups

Hip-Clip Trucker Suspenders attaches at sides with just 2 clips.

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Sloops Blue Jeans and Sloops Casual Slacks made specifically for suspender wearers in waist sizes to 50".

Airport Friendly No-Buzz Suspenders Won't trip off metal detectors and the SuperSoft UnderGarment Suspender made to wear under your shirt.

$13.95 HangUp™ Closet Hanger for Suspenders

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Does 2010 Congress have what it takes to save this USA small business and more than 600 other US manufacturers being sued by the Obama Justice department under Eric Holder for for having expired patent numbers on their inventroy or literature.?
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Navy Blue suspenders in over 5 seperate styles all with our patented no-slip clip text-top-center.jpg (1153 bytes) Buy Holdup mens pant suspenders here
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ImageSee Sal Herman the founder of Holdup Suspender Co in his Trademarked Double-Up Collage of Colors suspenders
Sal Herman the Inventor -Patent Holder and small business owner of Holdup Suspender Company always had a smile on his face and a passion for his unique USA made suspender products... until blindsided by a lawsuit by the Obama led US Government, through Eric Holder's Justice Department court system.

Our original finger clip series of Holdup SuspendersMen's Suspenders -so unique they're Patented and come in over 175 styles for both business and casual daily wear.New patented Double-Ups suspenders with that button-on braces look.

What was the alleged crime and basis for a Qui Tam (hidden whistleblower) court action threatening to shut down of his small business with 4 employees, and bankrupt him with a fine of $500 for every suspender clip in inventory and attached to a Holdup suspender sold since June 2008? It is both a criminal action and Federal Court lawsuit for "False PatentOur suspenders all come with Holdup Suspnder company no-slip clips Marking" as he unknowingly hadn't removed his expired patent # 4,901,408, stamped on the back of his no-slip suspender clips, the day the patent expired at the end of June 2008. He already had filed all the Patent revision paperwork for a new improved clip design patent early in 2008, which was granted Patent # D614946S on May 4th 2010. Sal Herman had no knowledge that he couldn't use the inventory of suspenders in stock with metal no-slip clips marked with the old expired patent #. Lead time was needed for replenishing his inventory of 290 suspender styles with the new patent # stamped clips, which he believed would suffice to comply with complicated and ambiguous US Patent statutes, and instructions in his official Patent document booklet.

Now he's faced with monstrous Intellectual Property (IP) legal defense bills, like 600+ other USA patent holder businesses sued since a horrendous Dec 2009 Federal Court ruling (Forest Group v. Bon Tool, 590 F.3d 1295 (Fed. Cir. 2009) which changed the False Claims Act penalty from $500 per incident to $500 for every item falsely marked with expired patent numbers. In the current case ( Pequignot v. Solo Cup Co., __ F.3d __ (Fed. Cir. 2010) (Lourie, J.). the greed driven Qui Tam IP attorney plaintiff seeks 10 TRILLION from Solo Cup Company ( Starbuck's and 7-11 coffee cups & lids) on 8 billion expired patent marked plastic sippy cup type lids. The Obama treasury receives 1/2 of any extortion type settlement fees, or 1/2 of any imposed Federal Court fines imposed on those found guilty of False Marking products or advertising with expired patent numbers. See the Federal Court Complaint filed against Holdup Suspender Company Want to get really mad at the Lawyer IP Patent Trolls and their relatives often posing as hidden party Qui Tam whistleblower shell corporations... You used to see all 600+ American Manufacturing Companies with similar expired patent false marking cases clogging Patent troll sympathetic Federal District Courts nationwide at www.Falsemarking.net until the Obama Justice dept and DNC made them take the site down when the Law was changed..

(Small manufacturing Companies marketing former patent protected items from suspenders, fishing lures, power tools, Wham-O, Leapfrog, Wiffle Ball, Safe-T-Balls to the big guys with expired patent marked products like Apple, Wal-Mart, Revlon, Proctor & Gamble, Brooks Bros, GE, Stanley and Snap-on Tools, Bose Corp, Playtex, Abbot Labs, Bausch Lomb, Fuji Film, Sony, Philips Electronics, DIRECTV, Memorex, 3M, Conair, Sara Lee, Timex Inc, Bayer Aspirin, to Maybelline and L'Oreal, Scotts Miracle-Gro and Clorox. etc. etc as patent trolls comb the storefront shelves for any products marked with patent numbers in the 4 million range [4,000,000 to 4,999,999] Even a caveman can do this :-)

This travesty of justice folks will not be settled in a court of law as this is a systemic war on small and large businesses by a government run amuck with lazy Congress Critters protecting trial lawyers exploiting outdated laws and these Qui Tam whistleblowers preying on those inventive enough to qualify for an expensive US Patent. The legal sharks smell easy money and Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are lying when they say they're Pro-Business. If this was so important to the so called business-friendly Democrats, the pending Congressional legislation to cure/quash these frivolous lawsuits by IP ( Intellectual Property) shysters, and their hidden Qui Tam regulators, would have whizzed through Congress this year.

On September 1st 2010 the only USA manufacturer of superior quality pant suspenders was served with a potential multi-million (36,000,000) dollar law suit which, if prosecuted under existing draconian law, will guarantee Americans will have to buy inferior foreign Chinese made clip-on suspenders. The Justice Dept and the hords of greedy patent troll attornies, through their false front single purpose companies seeking to split false marking fines, have highschoolers out searching retailers shelves for products and literature with USA expired patent numbers.

Meanwhile Obama's Administration, and his Democrat Controlled Congress, pontificates and bloviates they are small business friendly. This week's sickening photo ops, by both political parties seeking re-election, claim a commitment to funding and creating small business private sector jobs. Well these False Patent Marking cases threaten the icons of American innovative product manufacturing with further business closings... while enriching Patent Troll lawyers on both sides of the cases, Qui Tam hidden whistleblowers, with a bonus of 1/2 of the ill gotten gains going to the Obama Treasury without Eric Holder's boys lifting a finger. SWEET get rich quick plan... if the so called deceived and harmed American public buying an expired marked patent product will allow this injustice to wreak havoc throughout every sector of what's left of the US manufacturing industry.... God help us all!

Who will step up to the plate and demand and push through IMMEDIATE Congressional Legislation to quash every single one of these False Patent Marking cases. Where is the general public harm when legitimate patents, pertaining to the product sold, had the expired patent # embossed, stamped or silkscreen printed on the product. Is the product useless the minute the patent # expires? Case in point no Judges, lawyers or Patent Office employees have any computer hard drives that don't have expired patent #'s printed on them. Does this make the hard drives and data stored on them useless and taint witnesses -prejudice or cause recusal of those involved in trying these cases. Does Holder and Obama want them returned, wiped clean of  confidentual information  and replaced with blank drives? You want some nameless Qui Tam Patent troll to force recall all computer hard drives and charge their manufacturers $500 each and demand replacement in a False patent marking suit?? How about the secret Service, Law Enforcement officers, and military turn in all Glock and Smith and Wesson handguns, which all have expired patent numbers marked inside the guns, and disarm them in the process until these sued companies replace them?

Holdup Suspender Company challenges the commentators at Fox News ( Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Neil Cavuto ) to pick up and run with this newsworthy story. It's an explosive bomb threatening the backbone of what's left of the US manufacturing industry. The Congressional proposed bill to address this Patent Troll Qui Tam travesty has been sat upon, since March 2010, due to Democrat party and Justice Department objections to changing the law so their block of Democrat Trial lawyers and lawyer lobbyist get rewarded by access to piles of easy money.

So lets play... who wants to win the up coming November  2nd Congressional elections? Any Congressmen or women seeking a Congressional seat should immediately campaign to repeal the draconian and outdated Patent law enabling these business destroying lawsuits. Let's hear from the Fox News anchors, now put on notice, as to what they have to say on this important topic threatening many USA manufacturing firms with closure?


Will any of the Fox News pundits take the time to interview Holdup Suspender Co. founder Sal and Judee Herman to point out to the general public the impact of these outrageous lawsuits. Will they stir up those seeking small business jobs or employment at the other 300+ (and growing) companies victimized by the IP lawyer community, using Qui Tam surrogates, and Patent trolls to demand money for inadvertently selling products stamped with expired patent numbers?


Will someone in the news industry pressure the lazy bureaucrats overseeing the US patent office to revise patent marking laws and address meaningful Intellectual Property rights in the 21st Century internet wired world? It now takes a minute to Google a patent numbers and see the complete Patent file.  The 2 specific pending US Congress bills S.515 (Senate) and H.R. 4954 (House), that would quash ALL these anti-business job killing lawsuits, were sent for Judiciary Committee review by Nancy Pelosi in Mar. 2010. They are purposefully being stalled by John Conyers (D. Mi.) who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee as He's beholding to the Trial and IP Lawyer lobbiests.


Will someone in a newly elected GOP controlled Congress could push through these House & Senate Bills as a revision to the 35 U.S.C. 292 False Marking law.... eliminating draconian section (b) "Any person may sue for the penalty, in which event one-half shall go to the person suing and the other to the use of the United States. (Subsection (a) amended Dec. 8, 1994, Public Law 103-465, sec. 533(b)(6), 108 Stat. 4990." Then apply Congressional pressure on the Fed Appeals Court to negate applying the max fine of $500 on a per expired patent# marked item basis.

You can read Sal's email to his patent attorney once he was served the False Marking law Federal Court lawsuit.. click here His attorney advised making hundreds of changes to the various web site text and clip/product images. Sal has had to hire 6 temp employees for grinding off the expired patent numbers from clips on all suspender inventory stock in his Southfield Mi warehouse/office. He's awaiting delivery on new style patented clips in black -gold -silver finger clips and the Jumbo Clips at the various sub-contractor USA assembly plants which took 4 months of lead time just to manufacturer. All this extra profit killing expense may not impress a Federal Judge that Sal Herman never meant to deceive or defraud his customers, American public, his government or any potential competitors. His only real hope is for his thousands of loyal customers to contact and pressure their Congressmen to change the False Claims Act law thereby eliminating all current and future law suits from being filed though outdated Qui Tam provisions in the False Claims Act legislated during Abe Lincoln's administration.

Senate Bill (S. 515 Stalled in Pelosi's law committee since March 2010)

The Senate recently announced a final compromise amendment to the Senate patent reform bill, S. 515, which modifies the standing requirement for 292 actions. Only parties who have suffered a “competitive injury” may bring a claim for the false marking of a patent on a product. Under this amendment, damages are limited to an amount “adequate to compensate” for the false marking injury. If enacted, the changes to 292 will apply, without exception, to all cases pending on the date of enactment.

  • The amendment appears to have the support in the Senate. However, because the House has not agreed to the provisions in the bill, it may be stalled as the House Judiciary Committee further considers patent reform issues. Thanks Nancy Pelosi.

H.R. 4954 (stalled since March 2010)

Pass on this page to your friends and explain how this truly is a Holdup!  The statutes should allow only an actual harmed competitor from claiming Federal court damages and restraint of trade fines on phony patent # marked products. Heck it can't be easier to verify patents .. Google has a specific patent search feature at... http://www.google.com/advanced_patent_search or 7 Million Patents via Google Patent Search API Jun 26, 2008 ... Google Patent Search The new Google Patent Search API is now available and lets you search over 7 million patents via code for free.

Mark my words. Whoever champions this cause on the fast path through Congress will win election on November 2nd 2010. Even if Obama refuses to sign the modified Patent marking revision statute bill (HR 4954) into law, to appease the trial lawyer lobby, the Holdup Suspender Company supporters can inspire real changes to the archaic patent marking laws by the newly elected Congressmen and women. We need a public outcry. and some media outlets shinning a light on these shameful destructive job killing law suits. Hoping John Conyers, or Nancy Pelosi, would fast track the above bills to cure these frivolous expired patent # suits is just wishful thinking they can change their anti-business way. Holdup Suspender Company, like hundreds of other US businesses caught by these greed driven shysters and their Congressional and Justice Dept protectors, cannot survive the huge legal bills nor the multi-million dollar Fed Court judgements. Fines exceeding the gross suspender sales since the Company's founding. Will you elect a pro-business pro private job creating congress in 2010?? We need some immediate action and news coverage!

Holdup Lawsuit document achieves regarding false marking patent case

Holdup Suspender Company is product to be an American manufacturer of USA flag pattern suspenders.

USA Patriots are proud to wear Holdup Flag Suspenders when voting.

NOTICE we were able to force action by the Obama Administration and Congress to change the law and DISMISS All SUCH False Marking split fee LAWSUITS by getting Fox News and others outraged by these suits seeking Trillions in fines from the last remaining USA manufacturing forms.  Holdup's webmaster promised he could force the law to change rather than enrich the patent troll attorneys through their Qui Tam split fine partner companies.

Holdup Suspender Company was sent a certified case dismissal notice by the Justice Dept Federal Court dropping all the fees, fines and mismarking charges or case related demands. The Obstructionist Congressional Democrats seized the headlines and pushed through the The Leahy–Smith America Invents Act (AIA) asUnited States federal statute that was passed by Congress and was signed into law by President Barack Obama on September 16, 2011. The law represents the most significant change to the U.S. patent system since 1952, and closely resembles previously proposed legislation in the Senate in its previous session (Patent Reform Act of 2009). Guess they didn't want Fox News interviewing Sal and Judee Herman on how the Obama Justice Dept. was fining them $3000 for each Double-Up style $35 suspender they sold since 2008 just before the 2012 Presidentual election debates.. :-). Holdup Suspender Company's case would Hardly portraying the Obama Administration as small business friendly considering the finees and legal costs exceeded their entire companies sales figures since they started selling USA made suspenders in 1998.

Related Excerps from revised law...

False marking: The Act eliminated false marking lawsuits, unless filed by the U.S. government or a competitor who can prove competitive injury. In addition, marking a product with a patent that formerly covered the product, but has since expired, is no longer a violation.
Also in 2011, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit clarified the standards for pleading False Patent Marketing Claims, which had become a source of prolific litigation, by providing a standard a false patent marking complaint must provide some objective indication to reasonably infer that the defendant was aware that the patent expired

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced similar bill S. 23 in the United States Senate on January 25, 2011, with seven co-sponsors (also members of the Judiciary Committee) that include Senators Coons (D-DE), Grassley (R-IA), Hatch (R-UT), Klobuchar (D-MN), Kyl (R-AZ), Lieberman (I-CT), and Sessions (R-AL). The Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the bill, and the United States Senate passed it March 8, 2011, by a vote of 95–5

Since 1998 Holdup Suspender Company has furnished information on Sal Herman's patents and registered trademarked products at http://www.mysuspenders.com/patented.html

‘We made a better mousetrap. . .now we’re in about 2,000 stores.

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Sal Herman inventor... http://www.mysuspenders.com/patented.html

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