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Most all styles come with choice of single or dual clip models

Casual Series in 12 Solid colors all are 1-1/2" wide
Solid colored Holdup suspenders in single clip models sell for 26.95 $26.95

Designer Series Tasteful Patterns
a dozen Tasteful patterns in a single clip on suspender from Holdup Suspenders sell for 32.95 $32.95
Designer patterns in a dual clip suspender suitable for office and casual wear sell for 43.95 $43.95

Corporate Series 1-1/2" satin finished in 9 solid colors
Choice of X or Y back suspenders with a nice satin finish in solid colors $32.95
Dual clips and a fine satin type weave set these dressy suspenders apart from the competition $43.95

Formal Series Narrow 1" wide in 9  satin finished colors
1 inch wide satin finished clip on formaty suspenders sell fro 32.95 $32.95
Fine satin finish with a white backing and top grade leather trim on these Formal Double-Up suspenders $43.95

Jacquard Series beautiful tone-on-tone solid color patterns
Matching colors are woven tone on tone into these stylish jacquard weave suspenders in 7 color choices $32.95
Dual clip jacquard weave suspenders in 7 tone on tone color patterns $43.95

All the dual clip Double-Up's Styles

Holdup Suspenders announces the new patented suspenders and Sloops jeans and slacks

Holdup Amazon Prime web shop allows all Amazon members to get FREE standard freight when using Amazon checkout payment and Amazon warehouse delivery

Holdup Suspender's Official Amazon Web Shop is now open where All Amazon members get FREE freight.

Thin Suspenders 3/4" wide in colors and patterns for Girls and Urban Teens $16 to $25

Silk Suspenders Black or White in Double-Ups style $45

Classic Series basic colors with silver no-slip clips $21.95

Sports Patterns width 1-1/2" in 5 sports theme patterns $32.95

8 Brand new Holdup Striped suspnders in single and dual clip models from 32.95

New Striped Holdup Suspenders in 8 colorful styles.. Single and dual clips models

MotorCycle Suspenders and bootstrap stirrups

Hip-Clip Trucker Suspenders attaches at sides with just 2 clips.

Click to view Sloops jeans promo

Sloops Blue Jeans and Sloops Casual Slacks made specifically for suspender wearers in waist sizes to 50".

Airport Friendly No-Buzz Suspenders Won't trip off metal detectors and the SuperSoft UnderGarment Suspender made to wear under your shirt.

$13.95 HangUp™ Closet Hanger for Suspenders

Sheet Straps and mattress suspenders that really Holdup now on sale

Finally a sheet strap and mattress suspender that works for any type or size bed. Click for details and to purchase for $21.95

formal and casual men's bracesClick here to send a e-mail to Holdup Suspender Company's Staff


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Holdup suspenders are assembled or made in the USA... so buy our American Patented Products
Holdup Suspenders Newspaper articles

Learn all about the Holdup Suspender CompanyBrowse all the varieties of Holdup Suspenders for sale from this siteClick here to view over 2200 national retailers who sell our suspendersView your shoipping cart's contents and procees to checkoutView our new motorcycle, airport friendly, undergarment and skinny suspenders for teensContact the staff at Holdup Suspender Company Inc.

Navy Blue suspenders in over 5 seperate styles all with our patented no-slip clip text-top-center.jpg (1153 bytes) Buy Holdup mens pant suspenders here
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ImageSee Sal Herman the founder of Holdup Suspender Co in his Trademarked Double-Up Collage of Colors suspenders

Only Holdups' feature the "No Slip Suspender Clip"

Holdup Suspender Company president Sal Herman keeps innovating suspender related products. On May 4 2010 he received a new USA design patent, D614,946 S, for an improvement to his metal no-slip suspender clips as well as a new patent for a composite Plastic Gripper Clasp or Suspender Buckle.... more US patent an dtrademarked applications have been filed in 2012

** Holdup Suspender Company was awarded both a unique design patent and rare utility function patent for their Undergarment Suspender line sold here... This patent number # 8,209,779 was granted on July 3rd 2012 for th e4 clip style Under-Ups and undergarment suspnders. (See the below Patent Certificate plaque). Rarely does the US Patent office grant both utility & design patent, which inventor Sal Herman got for their undergarment suspender line featuring a unique Velcro Type length adjustment system. These trademarked Under-UPs™ suspenders have models built with US patented plastic Gripper Clasps or the silver Patented metal no-slip clips. One style has the Hip-Clip™ trucker style (patent pending) that attaches with just 2 clips, or composite plastic clasps, at the side of the pant's waistband. This side clip Trucker style Under-Up hidden suspnder is also used in our Maternity Holdup Suspender lines designed to wear under a loose fitting maternity blouse. The other supersoft comfortable undergarment suspender style has sewn x-back with 4 metal no-slip clips or plastic Patented Gripper clasps at ends of the smooth Velcro type strip length adjustment system. Additional Maternity and baby related products are shown at out www.Momaids.com web site with a active forum for Kid and infant safety tips and new baby/infant/child related products helpful to all busy Moms.

USA Patent number 8,209,779 granted to Sal Herman for his Undergarment suspender made to wear under your shirt or blouse. Patent 8,209,779 was given to Sal Herman of Holdup Suspnder Company on July 3rd for his unique Undergarment suspender line made to wear under your shirt US patented # 8,209,779 granted on these Hip-Clip trucker style Undergarment suspenders having a unique Velcro type smooth length adjustment system and Patented metal no-slip Holdup suspnder clips
Click on images to see enlarged close-up view of Undergarment Suspender Patent

Holdup Suspender Company founder and inventor, Sal Herman, just received US Patent # 8,209,779 for his Under-Ups™ undergarment suspender line.... see all styles at www.MedicalSuspenders.com

TOTALLY UNIQUE.. www.MedicalSuspenders.com showcase the various hidden Under-Ups worn after abdominal surgeries or by pregnant woman before and after delivery. The super soft poly-blend washable elastic fabric is 1-1/2" wide and adjusts to 48" long. The new velcro type Flush length Adjustment system is used in all our suspenders work under your shirt. Now available in  New XL (eXtra Long) option which has a max adjustable length to 54" inches for the big and tall man.
We now offer 4 super soft "under your shirt" suspender styles. The original X-back style without any leather crosspatch and 4 nickel finished no-slip metal clips for $21.95 in standard 48" length. The other 2 are Hip-Clip suspenders that attach at the waist with just 2 clips. One of the Trucker Style side-clip models uses two chrome plated metal no slip clips, and the other selling for $21.95, uses the composite plastic cam operated gripper clasp (Suspender Buckle) in light beige or black color. 
  1. Undergarment suspenders Google patent search results

    www.google.com/patents/US8209779US Pat. - Filed Aug 31, 2010 - Issued Jul 3, 2012 - to inventor Sal Herman President of Holdup Suspender Company ... in claim 1 wherein said pair of strap members are connected together at the ends adjacent the waistband of the person's pants. * * * * *. Clip-on Suspenders particularly for wearing under outer garments. At least one side of the strap members has loop members thereon which mate with pieces of hook-type material secured adjacent the ends of the strap members. Adjustment bulky buckles are eliminated....US. 8209779. B2...

Holdup Suspnder Company founders make the news with the success of their small business making fashionable suspenders in the USASal Herman the inventer and President of Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield Mi sells over 250 styles of men's and womens suspenders and other products made with his Patented clips
Click the above image to view this complete Jewish News Holdup Story Article

New site sponsored  by Holdup Suspender Company, just for MOMS, featuring innovative time saving products like Maternity suspenders, Baby Crib Sheet straps to help prevent SIDS. Participate in the MomAids Forum and suggest simple product solutions you recommend as must haves.... www.MomAids.com  

Holdup Suspender Company is showcasing at MomAids.com simple innovative solutions to help out busy mom's. You'll wonder why they didn't think of that sooner. All from the creative mind running Holdup Suspender Company with US Patented ideas from visions to realities. First up will be Super Soft Maternity Suspenders designed to wear under maternity blouses to holdup maternity pants, shorts and skirts for normal and plus size women. Tired of always having to hike up your maternity pants? Introducing Maternity Under-Ups™ ..  (Patent Pending) the most comfortable way to Holdup your maternity pants, shorts and skirts with a exclusive undergarment suspender made to comfortably fit you during all stages of your pregnancy.  Normal, or Plus-size Maternity Holdup Suspenders make the perfect baby shower gift of comfort for all expectant Moms.  These carry USA Patent #8,209,779 granted on July 3rd 2012.... Moms will love this new product forum... at MomAids.com for recommending Mom friendly products

Leave it to Holdup Suspender Company's founder to build a better sheet suspender, or sheet strap, to cure the common problem of fitted bed sheets coming loose as you toss & turn in bed. Holdup's bedding suspender are called a Sheet Stay-Downs™ and is sold in two lengths and attachment styles. Both feature our Patented composite plastic Gripper Clasp? and USA made soft elastic strap with a Velcro Type smooth length and tension adjustment system (Patent pending) . This patent pending sheet strap works to prevent Crib Deaths ( SIDS Stoppers) by simply securing fitted crib sheets and wetness barriers to keep infants from suffocating. All USA made inventions to help out Mom's will be explained and sold here...

The DUO (2 per pack) are longer bedding Stay-Down mattress suspenders adjustable to fit diagonally across any twin to king sized mattress... no matter the thickness. The other style is the Quad (4 per pack) Stay-Downs made to attach at the corners of your bed, that adjusts at either end using the Velcro type adjustment strip feature. Easy to use with sheets, pillow or feather bed tops, or mattress covers. All will be tightly held in place without harming any delicate fabric... unlike our competitor's inferior clips. Browse the below interactive slideshow and purchase both bedding suspender styles below for $21.95/kit.  We guarantee these are the finest sheet straps, sheet suspenders, elastic sheet garters, or sheet holders you can buy and back this up with a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back offer...

Click here for Sheet Stay-Downs crisscross straps and sheet corner straps by Holdup Suspender Company Detail order page

New in 2016 are these US Patented Holdup Shirt stays designed to keep your shirt tails taunt and eliminate any shirt from billowing at your waistline. Click to purchase or see full details on why our shirt stays (shirt tail straps or shirt suspenders) are the simple way to keep dress shirts in place for $21.95 per 2 piece set... 

 New patented dress shirt Garters we call Shirt Stay-Downs keep your shirt tails tucked in and prevent billowing at the waistline.


Sal Herman's Suspender Business is Picking Up

TAKING A HOLD: Sal Herman’s suspenders company has seen its ups and downs, but it’s going at a good clip now. Brace yourself: Did you have any idea that the largest manufacturer of made-in-the-USA suspenders is in Southfield Michigan?Sal Herman predicts his Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield Mi will sell over 2 million dollars of his made in the USA brand of clip-on suspenders

For that matter, did you have any idea that anybody cared about suspenders anymore? Well, Sal Herman does. Herman, founder of the Hold-Up Suspender Company, knows his product is far more than the exclusive accessory of truckers, farmers, skiers, groomsmen, and Larry King. However, even though Herman predicts the Hold-Up brand should break $2 million in sales this year and move as many as 100,000 pairs of suspenders. Sal offers over 220 styles of Hold-Up suspenders — featuring his no-slip clips and plastic Gripper Clasps — including models for teens, girls, bikers, and pregnant women. His latest brainchild is a super-soft pair made to be worn underneath one’s clothing, called Under-Ups. From western wear type leather suspenders to satin finished dual clip Double-Ups for office wear and wedding Sal has the largest collection of styles and colors.

"If there is an unique appeal for Sal’s Suspender brand — available online at www.Holdup-Suspenders.com and in more than 2,300 hardware, sporting goods, and other retail stores nationwide — it may be his patented “no-slip” clip, the first of five patents Herman has received for improving the functionality of clip-on suspenders".... read full Dec 2012  Hour Magazine article... By Jim McFarlin for Detroit's Hour Magazine

ani-googleflag2.gif (44868 bytes)
5 Styles of Patriot USA made flag pattern suspenders from $21.95

Use the Search Box at top/Bottom of pages or left-side style navigation links to find Holdup Suspender Models to purchase...

Holdup Suspender owner Sal Herman inspects one of his suspender clips in Southfield.Holdup Suspender owner Sal Herman inspects one of his suspender clips in Southfield. / photo by  MANDI WRIGHT/Detroit Free Press 
The patent lawsuit against the Southfield suspenders company didn't hold up....

After the men's accessories Sal Herman makes were discovered marked with expired patent numbers, Holdup Suspender was sued in September and threatened with a maximum $500 fine per pair, potentially costing him millions of dollars. The case was dismissed in the U.S. District Court in March in Detroit after the plaintiff, Akron-based Unique Product Solutions, saw a similar case dismissed in federal court in Cleveland. The judge there concluded that the False Marking Statute was unconstitutional, because it gives criminal law-enforcement power to private entities without any U.S. Department of Justice control.

According to recent interpretations of patent law, people who find an item emblazoned with an out-of-date patent number can sue -- even if they're not directly involved, like a competitor -- and be awarded 50% of the fine collected, which is as much as $500 for each incorrectly marked item.

"They're trying to get money they don't deserve," Herman's lawyer John Artz said. "Sal Herman had no intent to deceive. UPS didn't really prove (it). They just wanted to get a fast settlement to get some money, but Sal was not going to cave in to this shakedown, as he called it."

Attorneys for Unique Product Solutions could not be reached for comment. Herman said the whole saga cost him $50,000 in legal fees, plus $30,000 to grind the old patent number off each suspender clip.

"I was not victorious in a sense, because it cost me $80,000," said Herman, who has four employees in his 6,000-square-foot warehouse-office space. "My wife calls it extortion and I just call it injustice. It just wasn't right, not the American way of legal action."

Patent number 4,901,408 -- for a suspender clip that includes a small pin to better grasp the pants fabric -- expired in June 2008, 20 years after he applied for it. In 2010, he got a new patent for an updated pin suspender clip, number D614946 and other patents on his new Gripper Clasp (plastic suspender buckle). The up-to-$500-per-item windfall was enough to inspire a flood of lawsuits.

"Lots of people started bringing these actions. It's caused a lot of concern, because people were concerned about their exposure," explained Jake Grove, a patent attorney in Honigman Miller's Bloomfield Hills office. "From a policy standpoint, do we want all of these lawsuits? There were at least 950 similar false patent marking cases filed in federal district courts since Jan 2010."

Additional background on this great news for small business USA manufacturing firms like Holdup Suspender Co... Judge Finds False Patent Marking Provision Unconstitutional :-)

*** New in 2014 are these Holdup Shirt stays designed to keep your formal shirt tails taunt and eliminate the shirt billowing at your waist. Click to see details on why our shirt stays (shirt tail Stay-Down straps) are the simple way to keep dress, Tuxedo and uniform shirts tightly in place for $21.95 per 2 piece set... Perfect for Police - Military - Tuxedo - and formal events where a tightly tucked in shirt look is important.

‘We made a better mousetrap. . .now we’re in about 2,000 stores.

Additional Holdup in the News stories.. click here!

Sal Herman inventor... http://www.holdup.com/patented.html

ProductSearch Holdup Suspenders for styles and colorsSearch

Type in a Holdup Suspender Color, Suspender Catalog Category name or Style preference and see all the Holdup Style choices for immediate sale in our product search engine.

Patented dual clip Double-Up Holdup suspender in blue denim color for $35 Click to see the details of the Merlot wine color dual clip Double-Ups suspenders for $37.95 No-Buzz air port frientdly suspenders made to wear under your shirt
Blue Denim Double-Up $37.95/pair Merlot Burgundy Double-Up $37.95 Undergarment No-buzz gripper clasp (Suspender Buckle) suspenders

Brand new Striped Holdup added in both single and dual clip Double-Up styles from $32.95

Khaki Tan, Red and Navy Blue striped Holdup Suspnders sell for 32.95 Our loyal customers asked for tasteful striped Holdups and we now have them in stock. Several choices in Navy Blue stripes with Khaki and Gray and red accent bands. We also offer single jacquard weave stripes in 5 tone on tone colors for office and casual daily wear with choices in single no-slip clips or dual clip Double-Up style... Click here to view our new striped Holdup suspenders.

Want a Holdup Suspender full color brochure call 800-700-4515 or e-mail us your address information.

Holdup suspenders come in over 200 styles for men and women
Postal mailing address and phone contact numbers for Holdup Suspender Company 

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all black airport friently suspenders on sale for 21.95 text-bottom-center.jpg (1843 bytes) Glitter and thin suspenders for girls

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